Monday, March 8, 2010

scoops and kicks and monkey cheeks

Liam's Backfloat Baby 2 swim class ends on Thursday. Next week he will move up to Backfloat Baby 3.

He has come a long way since the first session in September (ironically called Backfloat Baby 1).

During the first few weeks, he clung to me and cried the entire time he was in the water. Except when he was forced underwater. Then he actually laughed. We can't figure out if it was because he was so surprised or if he actually liked being dunked. Poor child. Hopefully he does not have some strange aversion to going underwater when he gets older.

Now when we get to the pool, we have to restrain him from jumping in until his class starts. He cannot wait to get into the water. "I swimming, I swimming." He loves it!

He is learning to doggie paddle (scoops and kicks) and hold his breath in the water (monkey cheeks). He practices in the tub, which usually means I am soaked by the end of his bath. I've learned to cover myself with a towel.

Here are a few pics from last week's class (I know, my camera is awful but I'm working on it!!):

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

monday musings- two days late edition (march 3 but shoulda been march 1)

Yep, I am a bit behind, but I just haven't had to write this week.

Work is crazy.

Liam had a double ear infection(again)and pink eye. And then he had an allergic reaction to his medication. My poor baby had big, splotchy hives all over his body.

Thankfully he is all better and is sleeping again. The lack of sleep made me feel like we had a newborn again. I could not concentrate on anything.

Which made me wonder how I made it through the first nine months without crashing my car or lighting something on fire. I am admittedly clumsy, but getting no sleep makes me downright dangerous.


Luckily we did not have anything financially disastrous happen this week. In fact, we were able to take advantage of the MN Appliance Rebate. $200 for a new washer makes it a lot easier to swallow. Plus, the washer was on sale AND I received an extra 10% off coupons, so with the savings we opted to get the dryer too.

Obviously, I would rather buy Twins season tickets but I am trying to find something positive out of the situation.


Well, I am feeling a little sluggish today and don't have much more to "muse" about.

Happy Sunny Day!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

i eat too

As I have mentioned in previous posts, our little man is becoming very independent. When he is hungry, he says to us "I eat too."

He is pretty good at using a fork and spoon but there is one thing that I haven't allowed him to tackle by himself...yogurt.

It's just too messy. And very sticky.

And I want my 21-month-old to look like the Gerber baby- he must have a clean face and fingers, clothes with no stains and hair that is nicely combed- at all times.

So last night he wanted to had a screaming fit until I gave him the spoon and let him eat his yogurt without my assistance.

Pure joy on this child's face...

Trying not to spill...

Mission accomplished...

Well that wasn't so bad. There were a few dollops on his tray and a few dribbles on his face. Nothing that a wipe couldn't take care of.

As far as nicely combed hair and clean clothes are concerned, I had to let that go a looooooooooooong time ago.

Monday, February 22, 2010

monday musings- february 22 edition

Mondays are not Fundays in the Berndt household. It seems like lately we've started out the week with one costly expense after another.

Last night, the washer broke down. While I was washing our comforter. Wouldn't have been a big deal, except the comforter was soaking wet, full of soap and really heavy. Phil had to take it to the laundromat to wash it.

The washer can be fixed, however spending $250 to repair an old washer seems like a waste, so we are going to purchase a new one. While I would love a fancy schmancy front load, we are going to settle for a top load for under $500 that we can leave at the townhome when if we ever move.

Last week we had a $500 car repair and the week before it was Piccolo's surgery. We could have take a nice vacation for what we have spent in the last three weeks on unexpected expenses. Either that or I could have gone on one heck of a shopping spree. At any rate, no new clothes for me this month.

Considering we've had our share of lemons lately, I am wondering when we'll get the lemonade?? The lottery would be nice but I would settle for a win on Pioneer Woman or even tickets from a radio station.


The Olympics have taken over our TV, as is probably true for most. We watched several hours of curling over the weekend. I never realized how much strategy is involved.

The skip (Debbie McCormick) on the US women's team made some costly mistakes in the match against Canada yesterday.

I am thinking about taking curling up as a sport. Perhaps I can replace Debbie in the 2014 Olympics?

But more importantly, I have to get me a pair of those sweet curling shoes.


Liam has a new trick. He dumps milk from his sippy onto the coffee table (or the floor) and laps it up, just like his dogs.

This thoroughly disgusts me. We clean our floors regularly, but we have dogs and FEET touch the floor. Ick!

When we tell him to stop, he laughs and does it all over again.

He also likes to stick his fingers in places he shouldn't- up my nose, in my ears or mouth and down my shirt.

I wonder if girls do these kinds of things or if he is just trying to ready me for what life will be like when he discovers dirt, snakes and bugs...